Sales management
Purchase management
Processing of building permits
Assessments, valuations and reports

Real estate counselling
Before subscribing any estate transaction it is convenient to have a broad knowledge of option to purchase agreements, land law, taxes, mortgages, etc.

If you are not proficient in these matters, or if you just have doubts, give us a call: we will advise you regarding all aspects of buying and selling real estate.

On this site, we offer you our online enquiry service about real estate deals, as well as an online assessment for all types of properties.

Sales management
· We offer a large portfolio of prospective buyers that is constantly renewed.
· Your property will be sold by a collaborating agency of our Ibiza network.
· Your property will be seen by millions of people all around the world on the Internet.
· You can give your property for us to sell by way of:
· A non-exclusive order of sale. In such case you will only need to pay our professional fee if the sale is carried out through us.
· An exclusive order of sale. This way, you have more possibilities to sell your property, since:
  · it can be better publicised.
· there is a higher investment in advertisements.
· this includes a number of additional services.
In this case you will pay our professional fee if the sale is done during the exclusivity period.

Purchase management
· We offer a portfolio of over 500 properties all over the island.
· We are part of a network of real estate agencies in Ibiza.
· We advise you on legal and tax issues.

Processing of building permits
· Project feasibility study.
· Request the Urban Development Qualification and Reports.
· Processing of Architectural Projects.
· Processing of Building Permits.
· Processing of legalisation of building works.
· Non-binding estimates.
· Urban development management.

Assessments, valuations and reports
· We carry out all sorts of assessments, valuations and reports on real estate properties on the island of Ibiza, both via the Internet and by fax, or with an appointment.


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