Real Estate Information

Suppose you have found the property you were looking for and have decided to purchase it. In this case we recommend you to follow the following steps:

How to buy a property? Where to begin?
· Agree on the payment method and the delivery terms.
· Check if there are charges on the property and if it is correctly registered at the Property Registry:
  · Mortgages
· Sequestrations
· Easements
· Inheritances
· Usufructs
· Surface Area
· Ownership
· Request an urban development report from the corresponding town hall, by presenting the plot’s site map and land registry reference.
· Sign a private pre-purchase agreement or a contract with an option to purchase.
· Get the mortgage for the purchase (if needed).
· Check for any outstanding payments:
  · Water
· Electricity
· Telephone
· Municipal real estate tax
· Community fees
· If the money comes from a foreign country, obtain a certificate from a Spanish bank (Certificado de Divisas) stating that the amount has been exchanged from a foreign currency (only for non-EU residents).
· Ask for Military Permission (only for non-EU residents).
· Go to the notary's office to sign a deed of sale (the "escritura pública"), pay and take over the property and the Certificate of Occupancy (“Cédula de Habitabilidad”).
· Register the deed of sale at the Property Registry Office (“Registro de la Propiedad”). within 30 days of subscribing the deed and pay taxes and legal fees.
· Go to the City Hall to register the change in ownership of the real estate at the Land Registry.
·Go to the supplying companies and ask for the change in ownership of the supply contracts (water, electricity, telephone, etc.).


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