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Town planning information
How can we know what we can build on a plot of land?
In order for a plot to be considered building land, it must comply with all the approved urban planning programmes that affect it. Below is a list of the steps that should be taken:
· Ask a professional (an architect or architectural technician) about the town planning information concerning that plot of land.
·Request the Urban Development Qualification of the property at the corresponding town hall, by presenting the site plan of the plot.
·Request the Municipal Building Permit at the corresponding town hall, by submitting the building project and additional documentation.

Oliva-Palou Architecture Studio
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Architecture studio specialised in all sorts of housing buildings, from detached single-family homes to multi-family housing blocks and groups of dwellings.

Full management of the construction project, from start to finish:
- study the more appropriate building types, sketch schemes and development negotiations with the municipal technicians. - - - - -
- prepare planning schemes (detailed plan, development projects, replotting, etc.).
- prepare detailed designs for construction.
- compare construction offers submitted by the building companies.
- construction management, carrying out of the safety and health studies, and coordination of safety and health matters during construction.
- writing completed works documentation following the provisions of the Spanish Organic Law on Construction

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Town planning information
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